Monday, 20 November 2017

31st Birthday Makeup Tutorial, a $500 face... (!!!)

I always hesitate to use the term 'tutorial'..

Because I consider this look beginner, I am not an expert by any means.. but at the same time I could see how others would think this is intermediate. I mean, I've been watching beauty youtubers for so dang long a full face of rhinestones seems mild to me (click!). LOL 

You asked for it so here is a break down of my beauty look from my 31st birthday!
ABH Brow Wiz $27

Charlotte Tilbury Opium Noir lipstick $39

Ok guys just for kicks and giggles I added up those totals to see what's the norm-ish cost of product that I am wearing right now and it totaled.........$432 FREAKING DOLLARS.



I need to stop spending asap, right now, like yesterday... because that's an unhealthy amount of money. lolling

Let's be completely real though, I have not bought all of that, some of it is samples, bonuses, perk points, etc. etc.

but still.


Here are some examples of the foundation and setting powder in flash photography because there was a bit of a white cast.

I'm just pale anyway and probably give off a bit of that regular skin casper look, so I'm not that concerned and I think the non flash looks good.

All the makeup above is mainly available at Sephora with the exception of the Balm eye shadow palette but you can order from their site and watch for discount/coupon codes because that's how I picked up the palette in the first place.

And another piece that actually came all the way from London England (!!!) is that Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick. I've done my best to link a similar and if you order from Holt Renfrew with $100 order I hear its free shipping!

So happy shopping!!
Friday, 17 November 2017

DIY Makeover with Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint...

You know I love a good chalk paint!
I've spray painted half the items in our house with some form of spray chalk and I'm sure the neighbours think I am completely off my rocker.

Well this time around I went for the more traditional roll on method and I think it turned out pretty dang gorgeous!

I had to dig up an old photo of this beauty because its been a work in progress for approx. 2 years now.

You know how some projects come together real quick and others you couldn't finish to save your life? That's this one. ^ I had the vision but it just wasn't panning out.
I basically went from what I thought was a 75% finished project to scraping it all together and starting anew.

I sanded this guy down a few years ago and I sprayed it with a very bubble gum pink chalk spray paint. It was in the realm but it wasn't exactly what I wanted and I couldn't figure out how to achieve that vision until...

I saw this Blush pink chalk paint sitting on the shelf of my local Kent Building supplies and I knew that would do the trick.

The can says 'one coat' but frankly I wish companies would stop with the cheap reel in tactics.. maybe its one coat, maybe its two.. but lets sell what's really special about it, an ultra matte blush pink chalk paint. swoon!

As you can see I had started both pieces with the bubble gum pink and I questioned if I was making the right decision starting new with the blush but see below for that answer..


I am so pleased with the final result!
You can see in the photo above on the bottom side panel of the big vanity there is still a bit of bubble gum pink and all the other pieces in the shot are blush. ^

Its a tad bit hard to see in the day light and to the naked eye it may not look like a massive colour change but as someone who is looking at it in person, its like night and day!

The new blush paint actually looked so white when I was painting it over the bubble gum but now that its back in the room it looks super pink!

The old colour must've been like a neon because I can't imagine having pinker than this!

I am just so pleased with the outcome, it matches the walls almost perfectly and that's the exact look I had wanted.

I picked this wall colour on a whim and I love it.
(I honestly can't even tell you the shade. I just picked a chip and said "that'll do!")

I'm still looking to mini makeover the space in the new year but I'm slow on decision making so I will need lots of pins and inspo sent to me until then!

I was thinking to pair it with an emerald green or a Bordeaux shade..
we shall see!

You know those photos above were staged and this is how we really live.

and here's the smaller side table.
Did I mention that I did no prep work to this ^ one?

Nope. Zero. Zlitch.
I am truly the lazy DIY-er and I take my chances.
I could have sanded a tad to get the paint to stick but it honestly went on fine and no skin off my back. (you know because you always end up scratching something with that dang paper!)

I'm super happy with my cozy pillow collection as well.

The three fuzzy ones are from homesense and the smaller front right is Walmart!
Also I picked up the new gold hardware on the vanity from Winners/Homesense and they were such an affordable find! 6/$12

Monday, 13 November 2017

31 lessons in 31 years..

A little click bait title..
I say all the time I am in no position to advise anyone of anything.
So if this stuff is relatable and helpful to YOU, then yayyyy. (!!!)
but I'm no Doctorate, just FYI..

This week I turned 31 and it seems like 31 is way worse than 30.
Did that happen to anyone else?? like 30 is still close to 20.. but once you're IN YOUR 30's, you may as well stamp grandma on your forehead.

And its not that I'm unhappy with aging but I'm suddenly very aware of my own mortality and things like pap tests, mammograms, colonoscopies, routine bloodwork, all seem very real and necessary. lol

With that being said I feel like your 30's comes with a confidence you could never have in your 20's, maybe its just me but I really feel like this year is off to a great start with knowing who I am and working towards fulfilling who I want to be AND freeing myself of people/places/things that have weighed me down and brought undo drama or negativity.
(I've been 31 for about 24 hours and I clearly have all the answers lol)

I was thinking of stuff that I just don't have time for anymore, lessons I've learned, things I want to tell my kids before I forget aka I need to start a journal for them asap.

Side Note: I saw the cutest Journals at The Royal Diaperer . They were exactly what I've wanted to do with my grandparents for so long now, a little book titled 'Memories from Grandma' & the inside is broken into categories with prompts to get your memories flowing. So cute!

Without further ado, here are some 'lessons'..
some explained, some not..

1. Being a kid is the best.
*Especially if you're my kid, Elliott and Noelle you better be savouring this.

2. Try to live a lot of lives.
*I've lived 2 billion different lives and I still feel like it's never enough, I want to be more, try more!

3. Pick the career you want.
*Pick it and change it, change it again, and again, and again.
There's no cap on job opportunities.

4. Try everything! EVERYTHING. (but not like, drugs. stay away from drugs.)

5. Trying and not succeeding is not failing.

6. The only failure in my books is not trying at all.

7. Wear whatever you want.
*WHATEVER. do not conform. If its not in style that only means you're ahead of the curve.

8. Dye your hair!
*Seriously, dye it. Shave it. mess with it. It's only hair.

9. Don't judge people.
*Stop judging. the best part of this world is the differences. THE BEST.

10. Don't get in internet fights.
*ok, pick and choose your internet fights because I know its impossible to go cold turkey.

11. Your parents are not always right. You should stop listening to your parents.
*unless you're under 16 and then my word is LAW. 16+ we can talk about flexibility. 18+ you're on your own.

12. Yell at your kids.
*it will make them better people. I think.

13. Always balance the yelling with praise x2.

14. Laugh all the time.
*This is mandatory. If you don't laugh at least 30 times a day you need to re-evaluate.
Deep down belly laughs at least, at least once a month. I want to see tears.

15. Sarcasm is gold.

16. Tell people what you honestly feel.
*I always do this and it gets brushed off or blown up because it makes them uncomfortable but that's not my problem.

17. Stop being nice to people who don't deserve it.
*Just stop. No explanations, just done.
This ^ not a free pass to be mean though, just ignore and move on.

18. See people for who they are and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt.

19. Text back your real friends before your internet friends.

20. Correction: TEXT BACK EVERYONE. (I suck at this lolol)

21. Staying on top of emails is always best.
*procrastination is in my blood but life is so much easier when I do things asap.

22. Eat whatever you want!
*if I get hit by a bus tomorrow let the autopsy show chocolate cake was in my stomach

23. but also HEALTH.
*Health is SOOOOO important. Don't take it for granted and don't wait until you're set in bad habits to change.

24. Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not good enough.
*Physically, mentally, emotionally, you are ALWAYS enough.
Ebbs and flows of your strength areas - yes.
But ALWAYS enough.

25. Surround yourself with people who build you up and confirm your worth.
*this is really hard.

26. You can be mad at someone and still be kind.

27. Show more love.
*I show more love than my parents and I want my kids to show more than me.
love, love, love, love, more, more, more.

28. Don't give unlimited chances.
*but depending on the context give as many as you would hope to get in return.

29. Embrace being awkward.
*Everyone is awkward.

30. Mistakes make you human.
*so. many. mistakes.

*I am constantly saying "I wish they would stop making excuses and OWN IT.
Like me, I am hot tempered, moody, selfish, snappy, saucy, crazy, over the top, really, actually unbearable to be around sometimes.. but I know that I am and I will be the first to tell you that.
I am also amazing in almost all aspects and won't hesitate to confirm it. LOL

And that's about it!
Realistically I could list another 31 pretty easily but I'll save that for my kids and not bore you any longer.

If you want to see my birthday day in photos and video- scroll on! xox


Thursday, 9 November 2017

A $2 eye brow stencil?!?....

Gimmicks give me life!

I live for click bait products, anything that's hyped up but you know is going to be a dust collector after a use or two.. gimme.

Especially now that I've started my scheduled 'days' on IG stories.. I love gimmick stuff even more!

If you're just tuning in, I've been trying something new every Tuesday for #tryitTuesday and I've donated my skin to science for the very important #facemaskFriday happening every, you guessed it, FRIDAY!

Are scheduled day names and hash tags gimmicky?? Click bait-y?? o well. haha

Here's a clip of my natural untouched brows ^

Not too bad, I have been letting them completely grow in for about 6 months now.
My brows have always had different shapes and after a major plucking incident in grade 8 they have been pretty sparse.

but looking at that photo I'm proud of how far they've come!

I saw this $2 elf eyebrow stencil at Walmart and I was sold.


that's less than my tea at Tims!

 There's not much mystery in this pack, its exactly what you expect ^

4 eyebrow stencils, all different shapes although, seeing these on this flat lay they look a lot different than they do in person.

in person they all look like the exact same brow.
here at least you can see they have slight variations, its not much but there are more pointed arches vs rounded.

I used the second stencil down.

using a brow pencil or powder of your choice you hold the stencil on your brow and colour it in.

its not rocket science and was fairly easy to do but its not customized to your brow.. so there is an obvious patch of brow pencil filling in the top of my brow.

If I had filled it free hand I would not go that high, I would try to stay closer to my natural shape and use a lighter hand, small hair like wisps.

Of course having a dominant hand I found one brow easy to do and the other more complicated (think nail painting!).

the finished result is cheated ^^^ because I went in afterwards fixing up a few minor misses and I also grabbed a tissue and removed a bit of a harsh edge.

All and all I think its completely unnecessary to add this to your everyday routine BUT if you struggle with your brows:

they're too thin
you don't have enough of a shape to follow
you're waiting on your brows to grow in after hair loss
you really can't get the hang of brows and you're desperate for some guidance

I think these could work!

They would make a great guideline if you were in need and at $2 it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't work out.

so let me know if you've ever used them or similar.
or if you have brow troubles.
brows are my favorite and worst quality depending on the day! lol

See full experience HERE:
Tuesday, 7 November 2017

BlogJam Atlantic Blogging conference & how I chose my blog name...

This was BlogJam Atlantics 3rd year (my 2nd) and I feel like it gets bigger and better every year.
It's so, so interesting to see the collective of people who attend because 'blogger' is such a vague title..

There were ladies (and a few men!) who report news, homeschooling, beauty advice, parenting, marketing, foodies, fitness, fashion, interior design, travel, DIY, inspirational, motivational... I'm really not sure any two blogs were alike!

A little side of me didn't even realize just how many topics a person could write about and still be titled 'blogger'. I am sort of immersed in my own little bubble, touching back and fourth between, beauty blogging - mommy blogging. I was mind blown at the range and talent that sits right here on the east coast, crazy.

SO, I was mega late as per usual..
I didn't even attempt to make it for 8 am (laughs.. HA HA HA. 8am)
Nick was working, I needed child care so I was plotting a 10am out the door and that would have me arriving just around time to see Kayla from Short Presents do her thing.

I arrived to see her but it was a hectic, I'm soooo late, I'm running out of the elevator and sneaking into the started speech kind of arrival. But thankfully I got to hear Kayla speak because she has such a "I'm just chatting with friends" way about her, I was glued to her words and didn't think to snap a single photo/video.

Next up was Suzi Fevens but wait..
I didn't mention that there were 3 speakers speaking concurrently during each presentation period, did I?
YES, I had to choose which of the 3 to see every session and it was. so. hard.
I would've loved to hear them all speak but in total there was over 20 presentations so I understand the reasoning for the system.

Suzi spoke a lot about security and sanity which I definitely need to be reminded of.
I found it so funny that she broke down the two types of blogs, me or you. ^
because I was thinking about this the other day and how I am a 'ME' blog, it seems like I always ask "what do you guys want to see?" and I always get the same answer "MORE" but there is a time and place for boundaries. I need to keep myself sane and that means having a little private life if possible.

These girls were flown in from Texas and they started blogging at 5 years old.

Heather Clarke and Lori Byrne had me loling but also touched on how hard it is to be 'on' all the time.
Doing a lot and creating all the time takes a lot out of a person!
Just the blog alone is an art, then you add in DIY's, beauty tutorials, reviews, emotional mom moments that need to be expressed with the right words..
it is exhausting and people should recognize that (but they don't, and I don't blame you but here's a heads up to be more conscious of it. lol)

Heather was chatting about renaming her blog and she listed the names she was brainstorming ^

Which brought back the memory of how I named this lil 'ol bloggy.

I decided to start a blog (2014) because I was bored on maternity leave and I thought I had a lot to say/share, which is still true and I guess went fairly well since I'm on my way to 300 blog posts!

I do every. single. thing. spur of the moment, I never think or plan or hesitate.
So I decided I wanted a blog and I wanted it NOW. I already knew I wanted the name to be 'Holly's Hobbies', because my interests are so broad I didn't want to be tied down in one 'classification' aka beauty, food, DIY.

Well turns out you can't just wake up one day and decide to be 'Holly Hobby'.. clearly that name was taken!
so back to the drawing board and now I was so stumped.

I started rhyming off  H words..
Happy, Holy, Hippie, Housewife...
hmmm, Housewife Life.
I checked, it was available, I never looked back.

I'm happy now that Hobbies or similar wasn't available, I feel like it pushed me to be who I really am 'Holly's Housewife Life' its a mouth full but its unique and I think it sums up me and the kitchen sink.
Which is what I always describe my blog as, a catch all.
One day I write a tear jerker and the next its about a glitter nail polish.

Now here's some adorable photos of Nolee!
because I came home to this little muffin and I just want to smoother her with snuggles..
that cute little headband!